<![CDATA[Food & Travel Cuisine - Blog]]>Thu, 07 Jan 2016 18:43:48 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Travel and Culinary Trends]]>Mon, 04 Jan 2016 17:40:56 GMThttp://foodtravelcuisine.weebly.com/blog/travel-and-culinary-trendsIt’s no secret that food and travel go hand-in-hand and memories of food tend to be some in the fondest from a vacation. In fact, virtually all Canadians (75%) agree that food is vital when selecting vacation destinationi. As food-centric vacations become ever more popular, Travelocity.ca has re-connected with global culinary trendologist, Christine Couvelier to uncover the top culinary destinations for 2015 along with the hottest trends hitting the plate.
Christine has over two decades of experience in food and contains traveled the modern world to become an authority in delicious destinations. Last year destinations like San Francisco, New York City and San Sebastián, Spain topped their email list for innovation in food.

“With a growing global involvement in culinary tourism, we’re noticing fun, new food trends emerge,” says Travelocity.ca spokesperson and Global Food Trendologist, Christine Couvelier. “After carefully researching the things various regions accomplish with food, we have now selected the cream on the crop, representing the innovative of culinary tourism.” Check some recipes here.

Top Five Culinary Travel Destinations and Trends:

Los Angeles, California – Home to Hollywood, Los Angeles it isn't just known because of their star sighting additionally their trend topping food. One from the biggest trends this coming year, the other that is very popular in Tinseltown, is communal dining. Sharing a considerable table having a group of friends and strangers envelopes you in the warm sense of community because you enjoy some good food and good conversation.

Montreal, Quebec – This year, Montreal gets back to its roots and working on the pride of sharing tastes and traditions. What’s more French-Canadian than smoked meat? Fresh bagels and cheeses can also be a must-try when visiting this taste of Europe within Canada.

Chicago, Illinois – Dining in Chicago is usually a marathon, not only a sprint. Sweet heat could be the trend on the year for your Windy City and it’s being taken heed of. Restaurants are serving up dishes like achiote-marinated suckling pig in banana leaves or poached papaya with organic olive oil crisped crumbs.

London, England – London is one in the gastronomic capitals with the world; it’s not surprising it made its strategy to our hourly caregivers culinary destinations list. This year it’s by pointing out vegetables! Vegetarians be aware – vegetables as being the star of home plate is what’s hot inLondon. Chefs about the city are combining flavors and textures to hold all eyes for the veggies.

Lima, Peru – A culinary destination to understand more about, Lima is centering on the origin and terroir of chocolate in 2010. While Peru is well-known to get a delicious ceviche, chocolate tours are very grabbing a persons vision of travelers. A visit to one (or all) in the specialty chocolate boutiques in Lima will create drooling in the endless combinations like chocolate with Pisco or passion fruit by way of example.

Rounding your top ten culinary destinations are Charleston, North Carolina and Austin, Texas where low and slow cooking as well as the food truck craze are extremely popular. Portland, Oregon is leading the charge in craft beers while Sydney, Australia is destination number nine with regards to adventurous dishes with seaweed. Finally Tokyo, Japan takes one more spot from the Travelocity.ca top culinary destinations for that uprising trend of fermenting.
<![CDATA[To Choose or Not To Choose Tempranillo?]]>Mon, 04 Jan 2016 17:29:47 GMThttp://foodtravelcuisine.weebly.com/blog/to-choose-or-not-to-choose-tempranilloThe natural option for tapas, this versatile fruity wine also pairs well with meats including pork and rabbit

Well, it could be stupid never to lead with tapas. Whether it’s a spicy section of grilled chorizo or possibly a platter of paprika-doused octopus, a superb glass of young fresh rioja is definitely going to perform the biz – in particular when you’re in Spain on christmas with only such piquant delicacies for your use. Check Gordon Ramsay's Recipes here. Tapas apart, tempranillo is a fairly versatile food wine, particularly the versions where the oak is with the background, giving method to those lovely ripe strawberry fruit tones.

​The thing to keep in mind about tempranillo is the fact for a red, it offers quite high acidity, so that it is very good for foods having a heavy dose of fat or oil. Pork will be a superb pairing, in particular when it has been slow roasted. Similarly rich white meats like rabbit are great that has a light, bright and breezy tempranillo. On the darker, heavier side, say a Rioja Gran Reserva that is given extended wood ageing to get a richer, intense flavour profile, you will be as daring as you wish, but something such as a thick slab of rare steak or perhaps oxtail stew will see a great match within the sweet, luscious fruits as well as the supporting velvety tannins.
Acid nous
Tempranillo includes a high acid profile for the red. This is good from your food mindset, but could make youthful versions something of your stomach-churning experience for your drinker, plus a major headache with the wine-makers.

Sounds like
Other names because of this noble grape include Cencibel (in La Mancha), Tinto Fino (Ribera del Duero), Tinta Roriz (Portugal) and, very confusingly, Valdepenas in California.

Looks like
Tempranillo would have once been in connection with pinot noir. Ampelographers (nerds who study the historical past of grapes) reckon the 2 main grape varieties could be closely related, understanding that tempranillo is usually pinot noir dropped at Spain through the early pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela.

Age before beauty
In tempranillo’s traditional heartland, Rioja, wood ageing is revered due to the effects within the grape. However, much rioja might be aged in wood for over is strictly necessary, this is why many possess a pronounced oak nose and a lot of raw vanilla tones. It can also mean they may be overly tannic.
<![CDATA[New York City Couisine: 3 Best Meals]]>Mon, 04 Jan 2016 17:20:04 GMThttp://foodtravelcuisine.weebly.com/blog/new-york-city-couisine-3-best-mealsEating breadsticks in the Times Square chain restaurant includes a time and the place.

But for many people visitors to New York -- people who travel for pleasure and culture -- sampling the 1000s of eating and drinking establishments in New York City is often a trip highlight.

Sometimes it merely requires a quick local fix before dashing for your next appointment.

Check Gordon Ramsay's Recipes here.

Sometimes you need an easy mid-range meal which don't wreck your Fitbit stats.

Then you will discover "occasions," when you need the kind of luxury dining experience only New York can provide.

You'll find local favorites per eating need with this list of nine New York restaurants, three for each and every meal and budget.


Fast and cheap

Russ & Daughters

At this legendary shop, family-owned since 1914, purchase a Schmear (picking a cream cheese on the hand-rolled bagel, we like the onion) for under $2.45, or below the price of a subway ride.

Some want to eat it the regular New York way -- charging outside.

Nice sit-down


Not all trendy SoHo restaurants invite guests to linger.

But Balthazar's cozy ambiance does with giant bowls of cafe au lait and just-made croissants using their attached bakery.

"Eggs any style" includes "en cocotte" (baked in a very ramekin with cream), in puff pastry (scrambled with wild mushrooms and asparagus) or Norwegian (poached with smoked salmon), while using occasional side of celebrity-sighting.

Not an evening meal, an experience

Norma's at Le Parker Meridien

That's breakfast? It is at Norma's, the place that the Chocolate Decadence French Toast is really a staple.
New Yorkers standoffish?


They love impressing visitors using a ta-da moment.

For some it's if the Wah-za waffle arrives -- fruit outside, fruit inside plus a creme brulee top -- because sometimes in New York breakfast isn't eaten, it's experienced.

Just one block from Central Park, so diners can take advantage of a post-feast walk.


Fast and cheap

Uncle Gussy's

New York's most widely used lunch stop will be the Midtown street corner.

Choices: Stale pretzels. Limp hotdogs.

Or you can use a hot, freshly carved lamb gyro while using works as of this insanely popular food truck run by two brothers.

Mom definitely makes the OMG tzatziki sauce. You'll want to pony the 80 cents for the extra hit.

Nice sit-down


The city constantly nudges website visitors to walk -- through museums, up subway stairs, the mile-plus length in the High Line.

Hours later, its own exhaustion makes its presence felt that can bring about questionable food choices.

Fortunately, this homegrown lunch spot with healthy (veggie bowl), indulgent (mac 'n' cheese) and plenty of gluten-free options (including hamburger buns) has four locations from downtown to uptown.

Not dinner, an experience

Your Italian relations await: My Grandmother's Ravioli from Locanda Verde.
Locanda Verde

Trendy joints with months-long waiting lists for supper usually have open tables at lunchtime.

This buzzy Tribeca hotspot co-owned by Robert De Niro is often a great choice for a long, lazy A-List meal.

The menu reads: "Tutta la nostra pasta e fatta in casa."

Translation: All our pasta is homemade.

Try the favorite My Grandmother's Ravioli so you won't want the translation.


Fast and cheap

Tortilleria Nixtamal

If New York can be a melting pot, its bubbling core is Queens, the cradle of ethnic eats.

Life-changing tacos can be found at the borough's authentic tortilla factory that each one the pricey Manhattan Mexican restaurants invest in.

Here, the fresh tortillas are warm and $2.75 buys a taco full of house-made chorizo or grilled cactus.

The mole chicken tamale also includes a devout following.

Nice sit-down


There tend to be than eight million people surviving in the city yet sometimes visitors appear and disappear without ever meeting a soul.

The elbow-to-elbow community table in this downright convivial brasserie in Harlem usually remedies that.

There are great wines because of the glass as well as a superb roast duck breast.

Not meals, an experience

The Four Seasons

Ultimate, iconic, flawless and incomparable are adjectives routinely familiar with describe this swanky grande dame.

Yet words can't describe the glowing luxury in the mid-century room, its perfectly chilled martini or rack of lamb for two main.

Purists searching for a classically New York particular date might consider getting on the restaurant before its relocation in July 2016.